Astral Noize Events: Slabdragger, Space Witch, Goblinsmoker and Wallowing at The Dev, Camden

Astral Noize Events are incredibly proud to present an intimate free entry evening of the UK’s very best conceptual storytellers and monolithic riffers on Halloween Weekend at The Dev, Camden featuring…

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Taking the world by storm with their genre redefining Rise Of The Dawncrusher in 2016, the band have pushed the UK sludge and doom scene to new heights, building upon the classic tropes of the genre’s forefathers to create a refreshingly monolithic and instantly recognisable sound, fuelled by gargantuan riffs and aggression. ROTDC is a sci-fi masterpiece seamlessly blending the band’s bludgeoning sound with an intergalactic tale featuring planet-destroying technology and oppressed civilisations, epically capturing the themes of the record and effortlessly creating a sonic story to rival the likes of Star Wars (the good trilogy). With a new album on the way, this set will showcase some new songs for the very first time and be a final chance to catch the band in such an intimate setting.


Space Witch

The soundtrack to your favourite ’70s sci-fi B-movie, Space Witch have been a staple of the UK underground since their conception due to their unique and refreshing take on the doom/sludge genre. Drawing heavy influence from classic retro sci-fi, the band ooze a psychedelic-tinged timewarp of conceptual riffage fuelled by droning instrumentation and impressively nostalgic synth sounds that conjure up memories of early Doctor Who and X-Files. The band’s ability to take you to another dimension through a sonic pounding is matched by no other and firmly cements them as one of the UK’s finest heavy acts.

Their dynamic 2017 full-length Arcanum demonstrates the band’s ability to entrance and lure the listener into a truly out of this world journey, embracing vivid imagery of interplanetary exploration through perfectly bleak and immersive soundscapes paired with carefully crafted guitar tones to create a timeless record for fans of doom, sludge and psychedelia alike.

This will be the band’s ONLY show of 2020 so is not to be missed.



One of the most exciting bands in UK sludge make their London debut. Having gained a huge following in the UK and Europe in seemingly no time whatsoever, Sludgelord Records‘ own Goblinsmoker (interview here) are finally set to bring their blackened premier sludge to The Dev, Camden.

Having only just released part two in their Toad King trilogy; A Throne in Haze, A World Ablaze in February 2020 to stellar reviews (quickly making it a contender for many End of Year lists), it’s clear to see where the hype surrounding this band comes from. With gnarly fuzz-drenched riffs and shrieking blackened vocals, plus an ongoing conceptual story to boot, the band’s attention to detail is truly mind-blowing, creating not only a masterpiece of modern heavy music, but also a Tolkien-esque tale to rival the man himself. A Throne in Haze… seamlessly picks up from 2018’s Toad King and is just as enthralling as its predecessor, proving the band have an abundance of creativity to flow into the final chapter and no intention of slowing down.



Quickly labelled as one of 2020’s ‘must-see bands’, Wallowing released their debut album Planet Loss in late 2019 to stellar reviews from all over the globe. Creating their own unique blend of sci-fi infused blackened doom (fuelled by doses of grindcore and noise) the band have created an incredibly dark and immersive foretelling of the future in their debut concept album. Telling the story of a small band of rebels as they face the end days due to a grue;ling political regime on their home planet, whilst commenting on the current political climate, discrimination as a whole, global decay, mental health and where the world may end up if these issues aren’t addressed, the record plays out as one single 35-minute track broken into six chapters, each focusing on a separate part of the overly grim and uncomfortably close-to-home story. Paired with their intense live show (emitting strong Blade Runner vibes) Wallowing having firmly cemented themselves within the UK heavy scene and aren’t ones to be missed.




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