WVRM / COLONY COLLAPSE – the soundtrack to a world falling apart

A sometimes overlooked fact about grindcore is that, since its inception, it has been a very political genre. The scene’s founders Napalm Death’s entire mentality and ethos was, and still is, driven by left wing politics and whilst some grind bands may have dropped their political edge South Carolina’s WVRM are determined to bring it back and push it to the fore. Indeed, with the current political climate and global pandemic, Colony Collapse might just be the album we need right now.

The first thing that needs to be said is Colony Collapse is an incredible grindcore album, easily putting WVRM in the top tier of the scene and enabling them to go toe to toe with anyone in the genre. With fourteen tracks running in at a shade under half an hour Colony Collapse doesn’t overstay its welcome and instead delivers an intense and blistering assault. That being said it’s not all a full on barrage. The dynamics on the album are perfect with some really earthshakingly crunchy breakdowns providing a welcome relief from the full speed charge. The production is fantastic too, with every drum beat, guitar riff and growl being crystal clear all the while maintaining the weight and impact of being hit by a bus. WVRM give off a very free and experimental vibe with Colony Collapse, taking the outright brutality of the genre and adding enough of their own spin to it to sound fresh.

Clocking in at just over three minutes, the title track is a true standout; an amazing experimental detour in feedback and industrial pulverising sound. Coming so close to the end of the album it’s a wonderfully jarring break that adds to the nightmarish otherworldly nature of the album.Colony Collapse is a fantastic album and a clear statement of intent from a band playing as the world is falling apart.

Colony Collapse is available now via Prosthetic Records and can be purchased here.

Words: Nathan Tyler

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