Slow Crush / Reel – two new tracks of shoegaze sublimity

Taking a break in between their busy touring schedule, Belgian shoegazers Slow Crush headed into the studio to play around with new sounds and ended up recording two gorgeous new tracks, released here as a limited edition 7 inch.

First track ‘Reel’ features all the hallmarks of the Slow Crush sound they perfected on Aurora, as thick layers of guitar are augmented by lilting arpeggios that flicker like stars across a vast, velvet sky. Singer Isa Holliday’s delicate melodies weave in and out of this glittering tapestry with ease, creating a warm blanket of sound that is at once both vast and intimate. ‘Pale Skin’ has a somewhat heavier and, in places, darker feel with pounding toms and subtle, echo drenched atmospherics opening the track before the colossal walls of guitar crash in and Holliday’s rumbling bass lines propel the track along. The melodies are multilayered and more pronounced too, as Holliday’s voice feels pushed more to the fore than on previous releases, adding another dimension to their kaleidoscopic wall of sound.

Fans of the band will adore the two tracks on offer here, especially as they offer a glimpse of where the band may be heading for album number two. And, with part of the proceeds being donated to charities close to the band’s hearts, Reel serves as an essential purchase for fans new and old alike.

Reel is released 3rd April via Holy Roar Records and can be purchased here.

Words: Adam Pegg

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