Watch Kurokuma and Friendship’s Volatile Live-Streamed Studio Sets

Like any sane lover of riffs, we were beyond excited for the scheduled Kurokuma and Friendship co-headline tour set to hit the UK this month. As it has so many others, however, COVID-19 interrupted such plans. Unfortunately, with sludgy grindcore maniacs Friendship due to travel from their home country of Japan, the cancelled shows left the bands, who had shared the fees for flights, visas, backline hire and merch, £4,000 out of pocket. Despite such losses, however, the bands have found a way to soldier on. In the wake of a GoFundMe page set up to recoup some of the costs, the pair took to YouTube last night, where they both shared live studio sets. Both bands absolutely killed it, and the resulting video is genuinely a must-see. Check it out below.

Support the GoFundMe here.

Words: George Parr

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