Album Premiere: Fatalisté – Mercurial Gaslighting

Even in the fiercest of extreme metal releases, the presence of familiar instruments, notes, chords, rhythms and all the other trappings of “traditional” music is quietly comforting. For the truly unnerving stuff, you need to dig deeper, into the realms of harsh noise and dark industrial. Indeed, the latest release from Fatalisté is undoubtedly a more imposing listen than anything else you’ll have heard this year.

Metal musicians have long used solo ventures as an avenue for some of the more left-field ideas they may have swirling around the old think tank, and sometimes those ideas are even more dark and dank than their other projects. Fatalisté is an exploration of noise from Tides Of Sulfur bassist/vocalist Chris Bull, channelling ambient music at its darkest and noise at its harshest. Like the best music of its kind, it will captivate and frighten you in equal measure. 

Bull’s new album under the Fatalisté moniker, Mercurial Gaslighting, is due for release this Friday, but we’re thrilled to be able to bring you these cavernous soundscapes a full day early for your listening pleasure.

Mercurial Gaslighting is out 27th March on Trepanation Recordings. Order here.

Words: George Parr

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