Hope In The Face Of Fear: Check Out a New Necropanther Premiere from Hope Vs. Hate

As if the last decade of increasing political instability and climate catastrophe wasn’t bad enough, 2020 has kicked off with Brexit and a worldwide pandemic. It’s a marvel anyone out there still has the strength and willpower to keep fighting for a better society, so it’s always fantastic to see someone new join the metal scene with a genuine desire to help improve it. Scottish newcomers Hope Vs. Hate Records seem to have that very goal in mind, and to that end, they’ve recently announced their first charity compilation, Hope In The Face Of Fear.

Forming in late 2019 in the wake of political chaos and societal strife, the label’s main goal is helping those in need, and they’re acting on that by raising awareness and money for charity. This time around, they have chosen to support Humanity Gives, whose humanitarian efforts are especially needed right now.

Of course, it’s much easier to rally behind such valiant efforts when the music included is worth hearing, and make no mistake, the list of bands Hope Vs. Hate have managed to get on board is second to absolutely fucking none. The compilation features exclusive artwork by Jamie Christ of Christwvrks and will feature music from the likes of Bull Of Apis Bull Of Bronze, Neckbeard Deathcamp, Sacred Son, Vvishfield, Heretoir, Underdark, Order Of The Wolf, Christwvrks, Sadness, No Point In Living, Advent Varic, Goblinsmoker, Pessimista, Unreqvited, Allfather, Putrescine and Kaddish – to name just a few! With a minimum download of just £8 (less than $10), value for money certainly won’t be an issue here.

Among the most exciting names lending their talents are Colorado’s Necropanther. Blending an old-school attitude with a youthful energy, the quartet are one of the most exciting and refreshing bands in the modern metal scene. Rather than wasting your time with needless theatrics, they get straight down to brass tacks, riffing first and asking questions later. The results are tight, concise songs that are both visceral and engaging, drawing from melodeath, thrash and, at times, black metal to bolster their ruthless assault. They’ve been awesome enough to offer up a brand new track for Hope In The Face Of Fear, and we at Astral Noize are thrilled to be able to bring you an exclusive stream of ‘Et Unyttig Liv’ right now.

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Words: George Parr

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