Faucet / Bitter Insane Melting – raging noise infused hardcore for our time

At the heart of capitalism’s infernal machinery lies a callous heart. Every day being alive is a contradiction, against the machine and against one’s own desire. How can we be grateful for today that it’s sunny, a small joy, when in three months that same sun will inflict unforeseeable damage to billions of people. How do we reconcile that our very existence gives justification to an economic and political system which relies on the death of countless others? And how do we fight to exist with that burden. Or do we simply retreat, to turn our backs to the world. 

Bitter Insane Melting soundtracks the machinery and its effect. The scream, the self-realisation, that we’re being fucked. Waking up at 4am with a cough and fever to travel across the city to work because you have dependants. Or the reaction to the onslaught of propaganda as the system is in literal collapse. Laura Marina’s voice rages and chokes under its own strain. Landan Walker’s guitars and John Graham’s bass play reflect influences from The Jesus Lizard to The Locust and Daughters; half panic attack, half psychotic break. All of this is held together by Abdul Hakim Bilal’s impeccably tight drumming and Laura’s power electronic.

From the first song to the last, the album lurches violently with no let up for 25 minutes. Together Faucet revive a style of hardcore that emerged from the Reagan and Thatcher years, one that soundtracked the desperation of youth with anarchic experimentation. They manage to capture the immediacy required during this time through their music better than their contemporaries, giving voice to the witnesses of uncountable violations against the world itself.

Bitter Insane Melting is out now and available to purchase here.

Words: Joe-Julian Naitsri

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