Beehoover / Low Performer – angular sludge riffs from inventive German duo

Despite the title for this German duo’s new record, Beehoover are anything but low performers, steadily churning out their own eccentric strain of sludge for a decade and a half with commendable consistency. The easiest comparison here is Melvins, simply for the band’s distinct sense of humour and knack for an inventive riff, but in truth it’d do Beehoover a disservice to compare them to anyone – their angular rhythms and brilliantly over-the-top vocals help to form a sound that is definable first and foremost by its peculiarity.

The band’s key strength seems to be doing a lot with very little, with their minimalist lineup of just drums and bass forming the bedrock of a style that doesn’t really sit in one particular genre. Low Performer’s first half sees no massive shifts in their established sound, but all the duo’s best traits are on full display here, from the head-bobbing groove of opener ‘Goreplay’ and the laid-back (yet somewhat unsettling) stoner rock of ‘Weisenheimer Blues’ into the driving rhythms of ‘Army Of Good Evil’. The record’s second half is less concerned with keeping its feet planted on earth’s soil, venturing into more proggy territory with the ever-changing ‘Fisherman’ and the meditative atmospherics of closer ‘Hell Is Paradise’.

Beehoover’s releases are always a breath of fresh air, often going underappreciated simply because they don’t belong to any one camp. This turbulent ride is blessed with plenty of dynamic riffs, infectious grooves and bizarre fun. Don’t sleep on it.

Low Performer is out now through self release and Surviving Sounds. Click here to order a digital copy or click here for the tape.

Words: George Parr

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