Beyond Chaos: An Introduction to Anarchism with Dawn Ray’d

As one of the leaders of the contemporary movement of anti-fascist black metal acts fighting back against the scene’s far-right contingents, Dawn Ray’d‘s anarchist politics underpin everything they do. Their beliefs are often misunderstood by many, so we decided to reach out to the band for a breakdown of their views. Below is the text that features on an A4 leaflet available for free at the band’s shows, written by the band members themselves.

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Beyond Chaos! An Introduction to Anarchism

An anarchist is someone who does not want to be oppressed and doesn’t want to be the oppressor, Anarchism is the revolutionary idea that no one has the right to decide what your life will be other than you. We as anarchists believe everyone should be free to live their lives in any way they choose, so long as in doing so, they don’t restrict anyone else in doing the same.

The idea that anarchism means chaos or disorder is a misunderstanding, the word itself comes from the Greek word “anarkhia”; meaning ‘lack of leader, the state of people without a government.’

Anarchism actually relies on organisation to work; people working and co-operating together, taking into their own hands the matters that affect them, and having direct control over their own lives.

Anarchists believe that climate chaos, poverty and homelessness, are all by-products of capitalism. We already produce more food than is actually eaten, there are more than enough resources to fix every problem we can see, there are more empty properties in London than there are homeless people in the UK! What if we were able to allocate these resources without the man made problem of financial cost?

The borders that enclose us seem permanent and immovable, but are actually constantly changing, and are human drawn, arbitrary lines decided by power struggles and capital. There is nothing natural or permanent about them at all! Many people everyday find themselves in a position where they need to cross these borders to protect their families, find work, find food and safety, escape war and genocide, and generally fight for a better life.

Once climate catastrophe kicks in this number is going to increase massively, and we as anarchists will be there to help people get to safety. For this reason we fight for a world without borders, and a world where people are free to live where they need to.

Anarchism isn’t a new idea, its modern interpretation can be traced back to 1840 (What Is Property? By Proudhon), and arguably even earlier! And it is developing and growing this very minute. There are whole societies that are based on anarchist ideas, The Rojava Revolution in Kurdistan in the Middle East and the Zapatistas in Central America are the biggest examples, but areas of Spain in the Spanish Civil War were explicitly anarchist, as was most of Paris during the Paris Commune in 1871.

We are done waiting for another wealthy politician to grant us freedom, we have too much dignity to beg for minor reforms.

For a world without borders, masters, oppression and exploitation of any kind, we must fight for freedom and dignity!

Further Reading:

Anarchy by Enrico Malatesta

The Ecology Of Freedom by Murray Bookchin

Anarchism, What It Really Stands For by Emma Goldman


Published by Action Now!

Duplication and distribution without prior permission is strongly encouraged.

Words: Dawn Ray’d

Cover design: Kriegmaster Hatesturm, Neckbeard Deathcamp

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