Premiere: Christwvrks – Curse Of Passion

A gargantuan slab of experimental metallic noise, the debut release from Christwvrks is a emotionally wrought and psychically demanding record inspired by a tragic personal loss. The solo project of Sectioned member and tattoo artist Jamie Christ, Christwvrks is a new endeavour focused on dark innovation and noise-piercing sounds. Teeth Fall From The Open Eye, the project’s first release, is due for release Friday 5th March, but we’re thrilled to bring you a sneak preview of this monstrous record early.

‘Curse Of Passion’ is just a small dose of the carnage on offer on Teeth Fall From The Open Eye, but it’s also an intriguing insight into Christwvrks’ sound. It’s a huge-sounding track, with waves of ominous distortion that sit uncomfortably underneath vast but achingly poignant atmospherics and pained growls.

Speaking of the track, Christ says, “The idea of the ‘tortured artist’ has always been interesting to me. This song specifically tackles when the art itself becomes your nemesis – like an omnipotent force always calling you, telling you you’re shit. An obsessive mistress never letting you fully escape, if you will.”

Check it out below, and be sure to check out Teeth Fall From The Open Eye‘s special physical edition – available for pre-order here.

Teeth Fall From The Open Eye is out Friday 5th March. The special cassette release through Astral Noize Records comes rammed with dark treats, including a full A6 zine of Christ’s art, photo prints, stickers and tattoo flash cards. Everything arrives in a heavy duty presentation box, hand stamped and numbered out of 100. Click here to order now.

Words: George Parr (@GeorgeJParr)

Photo: David Bell (@davidbellllll)

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