ITUS / Primordial – dark and brooding doom

Primordial the debut EP from Ontario based band ITUS is incidentally or deliberately similar in sound and scale to the UK doom scene striking a clear similarity to bands such as Conan and Kurokuma. This is particularly evident in the writing style of the lyrics; the simple but powerful delivery drives tracks like ‘Cloud Reader’ forward, only adding to the overall impressive nature of the music, expertly recorded here by Luc Chiasson and Jackson Ward. The handling of guitar tones, drums and vocals is incredibly tight throughout the EP, allowing musicality and, excuse the cliche, heaviness to shine through. 

If you can, listening to Primordial on a decent pair of headphones is highly recommended to really appreciate the power that this music carries. This is especially prevalent on the track ‘Question Everything’ with its whispered intro and Earth-shattering verse. Laden with blistering guitars and what is assumed to be an underlying synth drone – the first two tracks solidify the EP, firmly setting the groundwork for the title track.

It’s at this point the band introduce field work into the mix with the eerie sound of rain arriving before the riffs begin, bringing to mind one of the first and most famous doom metal tracks of all time: ‘Black Sabbath’. The second half of ‘Primordial’ harnesses quicker tempos then the first, as well as one of the (another cliche) an incredibly brutal breakdown. Featuring clean vocals, and more ambience than previously heard on the EP, it serves as a welcome respite before that instantly memorable guitar tone returns once again. Overall Primordial is a powerful and unforgiving EP that is certainly worthy of your time.

Primordial is set to be self-released on 13th March and can be purchased here.

Words: Oli Hulett

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