Human Impulse / Human Impulse – furious blast of noise infused punk

Infusing different elements of varying genres into music is most certainly not a new concept. However, done properly it can really make a record stand out and make the listener’s ears prick up. So when, on the opening track of their self-titled EP Human Impulse instantly showcase a brand of punk with a noticeably metal twist, there is something that immediately catches the listener’s attention.

The trio use the first track ‘Behind Your Back’ almost as a calling card for what’s to come from the rest of this six track EP; rough, distorted guitar riffs layered with barking vocals and intricate drum fills. Indeed, it acts as a launch pad for the rest of the EP, which is frantic and fast paced and barely takes a moment to come up for air. At times the drum rhythms feel like you’re being jabbed in the face repeatedly, but in the best possible way. The band sing about mistrust, paranoia, disgust, hope and despair throughout, giving it a punk sensibility, but there are also clear nods to HM2 influenced bands like Black Breath, Trap Them and Cursed, especially in the break down on ‘Reassessed’. Human Impulse also show it’s not all about fast paced all-out aggression. With ‘The Darkest Hand’, arguably the most metal sounding track here, the tinny sound of the cymbals coupled with the repetitive riff running throughout almost give it a black metal feel in places.

If there’s one criticism to be made, it’s that the guitar tone does become a tad repetitive in places and for that reason almost gets lost in some places. That being said, with six tracks of fast-paced punk laced metal, Human Impulse rattle through at such speed you will certainly want to give it repeated listens just to make sure you didn’t miss anything. 

Human Impulse is released on 28th February and can be purchased here.

Words: Tim Birkbeck

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