Weekly Song Roundup: Video Nasties, Cirith Ungol and Hexvessel

Week of 24th February: As February nears its end, we’re celebrating new music from Video Nasties, Warduna and more.


Video Nasties take us on a deadly trip to the ‘Hanging Tree’

Horror-loving UK outfit Video Nasties have today dropped this new single, a rollicking bout of heavy metal that has us ridiculously excited for the new album, which is due 13th March via APF Records (Mastiff, Pist, Desert Storm).


Metal legends and doom pioneers Cirith Ungol return with new single

Cirith Ungol have been on absolute fire since reforming in 2015, so it’s heartening to see them releasing new music rather than just living off past glories (however well-deserved they might be). ‘Legions Arise’ is Cirith as you remember them, only with a much punchier production than they ever had in the past. This is classic metal played with absolute fire and exuberance, and bodes very well for the coming release of Forever Black.


Lustre explore aggressive new areas of their minimalist sound

Ambient black metal project Lustre are continuing to develop their unique take on the genre, with the first single from their upcoming seventh album, The Ashes Of Light. This first track takes Lustre’s well established sound of minimal guitars and maximal synths into more aggressive territories.


Wardruna’s future still lies in invoking the past

It feels odd to call anything Wardruna release “new”, given the ancient aura of their mystical sound, but ‘Grá’ is their latest offering, giving us an insight into upcoming full-length Kvitravn. Lose yourself in its mythical charm, you know you want to.


Portrayal Of Guilt get pessimistic for the future on raging new number

An intense and furious burst of visceral menace, Portrayal of Guilt‘s latest track, ‘The End Of Man Will Bring Peace To This Earth’, is an unrelenting rage-fuelled assault that goes from caustic black metal to a throbbing, guttural breakdown all in the space of its concise three minutes. Brutal and addictive.


Masters of malevolence Fool’s Ghost haunt listeners with ‘In Between’

You don’t always need a barrage of guitars to create dark and sinister atmospheres. On ‘In Between’, taken from the duo’s forthcoming album Dark Woven Light, eerie piano stabs and sparse guitar phrases bolster ghostly vocals to bewitching effect.


Hexvessel enchant us with psych-laden new track ‘Billion Year Old Being’ 

These Scandinavians have always had a knack for surprise, with their complex mastery of all that is dark and brooding. Hexvessel new lead-single, ‘Billion Year Old Being’ ventures into heavier territories than last year’s All Tree, channelling the weight of the abyssal void into a psychedelic journey that makes Fantastic Planet (1973) seem pedestrian.


Words: Garrett A. Tanner, George Parr, Adam Pegg, Sean Elias, Stuart Wain

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