Weekly Sound Roundup: Code Orange, Bolt Gun and My Dying Bride

Week of February 9: After a stellar week for new music, we pick the tracks to help us get through the second week of February.


Grindcore legends Napalm Death continue to push sonic boundaries

Finding itself placed more toward the punk end of the Napalm Death spectrum, their brand new track hammers along at breakneck pace. The real revelation is the vocals. Barney’s trademark roar is still there, but could that possibly be a trace of melody too?


Experimental French maestros WuW hint at enticing second LP

These Parisian lovers of minimalism impressed us greatly with their experimental debut Rien Ne Nous Sera Épargné in 2018, and we can’t wait for the follow-up, soon to be released through the band’s new label, Prosthetic Records. This vast, unique new single hints at the avant-garde majesty sure to be contained within.


Australian innovators Bolt Gun prick our ears with astounding new single

We named Bolt Gun‘s 2017 album Man Is Wolf To Man as our Album Of The Year, so it’s safe to say we’re excited for the follow-up. Their latest single exemplifies everything that makes them so exciting – expansive atmospheres, gripping experimentation and devastating heaviness.


Bonniesongs releases emotive new track ‘Sand Dunes’ for charity

With moments of startling intimacy and musical simplicity, Bonniesongs’ ‘Sand Dunes’, a single released as a benefit for Australian wildlife charities, is a carefully constructed canvas of gentle introspection and exploration.


British legends My Dying Bride are finally ‘Tired Of Tears’

A band that need no introduction, West Yorkshire’s finest doom merchants return with a gorgeously melancholic slab of gloom, showcasing vocalist Aaron Stainthorphe’s timeless croon set against a backdrop of heart-wrenching guitar leads and mournful violin.


Hard rocking duo Crown Lands spit out a new single

Lively duo Crown Lands owe a lot to classic rock, but their vivacious sound is dynamic enough to help them stand out from the pack. New single ‘Spit It Out’ reignites the spirit of early Led Zeppelin, shot through with the effervescent energy of The White Stripes.


Hardcore trailblazers Code Orange open up about their bizarre eating habits

Accompanied by an eye-catching video, the latest track to be taken from the band’s forthcoming LP Underneath is a bewildering and intense mix of metallic hardcore, djent and industrial aggression. ‘Swallowing The Rabbit Whole’ is a startling and dizzying track that bodes well for the new album.


Brant Bjork deliver the all the groove on ‘Jungle In The Sound’

Infectious, groove-driven and with riffs as dry as the scorched desert floor, the first track to be lifted from Bjork’s upcoming self-titled LP will have you yearning for those long, sun-drenched summer evenings.


Words: Adam Pegg, George Parr, Nathan Tyler, Paige Mathis


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