Napalm Death / Logic Ravaged By Brute Force – succinct and impactful EP released ahead of the band’s forthcoming new album

Napalm Death are a band that have never let up and never had a dip in quality. Constantly pushing at the boundaries and never becoming complacent, they are rightly considered titans of extreme music. So with a new album on the horizon they have dropped a two-track EP and as usual it’s stunning.

The title track is a beast. Finding itself placed more toward the punk end of the Napalm Death spectrum, it hammers along at breakneck pace. The real revelation is the vocals. Barney’s trademark roar is still there but could there possibly be a trace of melody too? It’s not clean singing by any stretch of the imagination but it’s enough to carry the song. It’s catchy as hell too and is steeped in the band’s unquestionable rage. The second track is a cover of Sonic Youth’s ‘White cross’. What started life as a fast paced punk/garage rock track has been given the Napalm Death treatment. They’ve kept the original form of the song but have pumped it full of steroids, sharpened its teeth and sent it to war.

If this EP serves as a brief taste of what’s to come then it seems right to get very excited about the new album – judging by this it’s going to be a monster.

Logic Ravaged By Brute Force is available now via Century Media Records and can be purchased here.

Words: Nathan Tyler

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