Album Premiere: Codex Serafini – Serpents Of Enceladus

It’s a long since established fact that metal and rock are a global force, with strong scenes prevalent in countries on every continent (well almost, unless the penguins somehow got their hand on a guitar), but perhaps this too has limited our scope. Who’s to say there isn’t a wealth of creative music being created on other planets? Well, astronomers probably. But chances are they haven’t yet discovered Codex Serafini, a mysterious new band claiming to be from Saturn.

Adorned in scarlet robes, with long hair obscuring their alien faces, the band’s unique aesthetic compliments their otherworldly soundscapes. Their eerie sound is bathed in krautrock experimentation, aglow with psychedelic flourishes and mind-bending prog. Obscured wails and ritualistic chants dance over celestial guitars and hypnotic saxophone, with the doomy rhythm section keeping things chugging along at a beguilingly steady pace. The band’s debut release, Serpents Of Enceladus, unfurls gradually, playing as one continuous jam. It’s an alluring experience, one that has to be heard to be believed. Thankfully, you can hear it right now ahead of its release this Friday.

Serpents Of Enceladus is out 7th February on Halfmeltedbrain and Ceremonial Laptop. Purchase here.

Words: George Parr

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