Weekly Song Roundup: Candlemass, VASA and Testament

Week of Tuesday 3: This week, the Astral Noize team select cuts from heavy metal’s godfathers and doom legends Candlemass, as well as electronic maestros Squarepusher and UK metalcore outfit Loathe.


Sludge innovators Telepathy return with astounding single ‘Pariah’

Through the instrumental ‘Pariah’, Telepathy have served up a taster of what to expect from the March release of Burn Embrace, their follow-up to 2017’s excellent Tempest. It’s a suitably appetite-whetting mix of blackened sludge and cinematic post-metal that, even without context, demands attention right up to its percussive and riff-filled climax.


Lose your mind with Shit And Shine’s chaotic ‘Gringolicker’ remix

The debut album from Wayne Adams and Iggor Cavalera’s psych-infused noise-punk outfit Petbrick was a big hit with us here at Astral Noize, and we’re thoroughly enjoying this brand new remix of standout track ‘Gringolicker’ from London noise rockers Shit And Shine too. Give it a whirl.


The ‘Spectre’ of science fiction infuses this doomy song from Former Worlds

If you’re going to take inspiration from anything for your metal project, you can’t go too wrong with the world of sci-fi. Former Worlds take this on board, with their sci-fi concepts manifesting themselves in otherworldly atmospherics that dance across the background of their sludgy assault. Good shit.


Leeched gift us some face-melting hardcore from up norf

Serving up meaty slabs of the most ferocious hardcore we’ve heard in some time, Leeched have already dropped what is sure to be remembered as one of 2020’s standout records in To Dull The Blades Of Your Abuse, and this blistering track is a clear standout.


Remember the end of The End with perhaps Sabbath’s greatest live number

Three years ago tomorrow, the Godfathers of Heavy Metal played their last ever gig in their home city of Birmingham. ‘War Pigs’ has always been one of the greatest tracks and was always a highlight live, so stick it on and sing it loud.


Get exited for Loathe’s latest LP with lead-single ‘Two Way Mirror’

Taken from their forthcoming album I Let It In And It Took Everything, out this Friday, ‘Two Way Mirror’ is a gorgeous dose of melancholia, draped in swirling keyboards, thick guitar tones and tender vocal melodies.


Enjoy some glitchy tunes from electronic creatives Squarepusher

Squarepusher has always had a knack for writing a strong stand-out track or two – “single” is too inaccurate a term – on each album. ‘Terminal Slam’ is the best example of that on new album Be Up A Hello, combining glitchy drum’n’bass rhythms, IDM melodies, and virtuoso musicianship in fine form that is as close to accessible as such eclectic music can be.


Voidlurker offer us hulking riffs from metal’s birthplace on ‘Bitchcraft And Misery’

Birmingham’s Voidlurker were true to their hometown’s history on new album Industrial Nightmare, which is spearheaded by monolithic doom full of hefty grooves and impenetrable fuzz. This infuriatingly infectious number is a must-hear for those who like their metal ultra-slow and ultra-heavy.


Celebrate the ‘Night Of The Witch’ with thrash veterans Testament

Bay Area legends Testament may have been churning out high quality thrash for almost four decades, but they’re showing no signs of slowing down, even if they aren’t exactly showing signs of changing things up a bit either. To be honest, though, when they’re still capable of riotous thrillrides like this, who really gives a shit?


Inventive quartet VASA offer up some post-rock ‘Heroics’

The Scottish post-rockers release their highly anticipated new album on 21st February, and this gloriously chaotic and uplifting title-track is evidence we’re in for something special. Triumphant and commanding, ‘Heroics’ is a track so bursting with energy and ideas, the repeat button will be hit again and again.


Riding the ‘Rogue Wave’ with Aesop Rock

Currently working on a new full-length album, Aesop Rock is back with his first solo material since the ‘Klutz’ single in 2018. A stop-gap of sorts, standalone single ‘Rogue Wave’ is a lyrically dense tribute to friend Kurt Hayashi, a videographer that had previously collaborated with Aesop Rock. There’s no catchy chorus or any hook to latch onto here, just a rolling bass-line, a simple beat and a stream of consciousness.


‘The Pendulum’ once again swings in doom’s favour thanks to Candlemass

The doom legends return this March with an EP comprised of material recorded during the sessions to 2019’s stunning The Door To Doom. The Pendulum is made entirely of songs that didn’t quite make the cut for that album, but if this title-track is anything to go by, it’s going to be an absolute belter and potentially just as strong as its predecessor.


Words: Adam Pegg, George Parr, Stuart Wain, John Higham

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