Voidlurker / Industrial Nightmare – dark, monolithic riffs from metal’s birthplace

Birmingham, the birthplace of heavy metal has over the years, produced some of the darkest, down-tuned noise to ever be unleashed upon the world and Voidlurker seem set to carry on this fine tradition. The three-piece doom outfit have been making a name for themselves for a few years now, grabbing people’s attention with mountain sized riffs and an inescapable bleak sound. This latest release will undoubtedly bring them to the attention of a much wider audience and rightly so. Entitled Industrial Nightmare, their debut EP is being released on APF Records, a label that is a mark of high quality for fans of gloriously horrible sounds.

With four tracks in 27 minutes, Industrial Nightmare is not a blitzkrieg attack but rather a prolonged aural assault. Each track comes in with a steady rumbling and sense of impending destruction, like a tank slowly appearing over the brow of a hill. The riffs storm in with the impact of a hulking train and with the unstoppable metallic crashing of mechanised death. Tracks like the wonderfully titled ‘Jeffrey Doomer’ have a deep-seated layer of savagery to them that once given the opportunity to sinks its teeth in, refuses to let go. The atmosphere created is fantastically dark, a perfectly nihilistic soundtrack to an afternoon of drinking cheap cider and head butting a wall. Industrial nightmare” is an amazing debut debut and if Voidlurker can continue to create so much atmosphere, power and thunderous noise then their future is very bright indeed.

Industrial Nightmare is released on 31st January via APF Records and can be purchased here.

Words: Nathan Tyler

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