Review: Lost Hours — Two Masses To Celebrate The Vanity Of The Divine

If the opening track of a four track EP is nearly twenty minutes long, many might find that a cause to not even hit the play button. However, with Lost Hours, a band that describe themselves as straight-edge doom, the interest of this listener is instantly piqued.

Not usually two worlds that are known to crossover, the whole stance of straight edge is more commonly related to the hardcore scene, but for this Atlanta four-piece they seem to carry across their message through a different medium. So, back to that near twenty minute opener. ‘…And Masses Spat Upon All That Is Holy’ is a track that most definitely does not out stay its welcome. The track opens in a rather subdued manner, with the guitars building up the atmosphere and overall feel of the record, before it begins to sound like the gates of hell have cast out a demon, as the band’s vocalist is introduced around the two minute mark. It’s this pure guttural vocal sound that really defines Lost Hours and makes them stand out in a world of very proficient doom bands. Similarly, the musicianship keeps things ticking along, and unlike many doom bands that rely heavily on a singular riff to drive a song, Lost Hours know when to change things up and introduce new elements to their tracks to make sure the listener is remains engaged.

The track ‘Gently Before She Dies’ is the EP’s highlight, as it give the guitars enough room to shred as well as play a hooky repetitive riff and the bands vocalist also changes up his style, giving the listener a respite from the aforementioned hell-demon sound, giving an indication that they are far from a one trick pony. From crushing riffs to roaring vocals that sounds like a human possessed by some otherworldly being, Lost Hours have the formula down to a tee, and they emphasise and accentuate parts of their songs in all the right places. For a genre which is often synonymous with being stoned, Lost Hours show that you don’t have to be influenced by drugs to create a killer doom record and this reviewer for one hopes for a lot more straight edge doom in the future.  

Two Masses to Celebrate the Vanity of the Divine is available now via Endless Winter Records and can be purchased here.

Words: Tim Birkbeck

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