Video Premiere: TRAPS – Cyborg

You’ve got to respect a band with such a flagrant disrespect for genre tropes. In TRAPS, we have a band seeking to surprise at every corner, refusing to bend to the will of convention when they could be concocting labyrinthine heavy music chock full of crazed surrealism and frenzied mathcore. The band favour an abstract approach to songwriting that’s sure to alienate some but just as likely to thrill those who want something altogether new in their music.

Today, we’re excited to bring you the first music video from the band’s upcoming EP The Fighter (due out tomorrow), with the unhinged beast of a track that is ‘Cyborg’. The surreal homemade video aims to subtly foreshadow the coming difficulties faced by bands in the wake of brexit (more on that here), not to mention the dystopian future the world seems intent on barrelling towards with no end in sight, and the lack of creative freedom any future society may entail.

Lighthearted stuff! Enjoy.

The Fighter is out tomorrow through Halfmeltedbrain Records.

Words: George Parr

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