Playlist: Tracks of Resistance

Across the world, revolution has been the order of the day this year. Last Friday the UK suffered a debilitating defeat at the hands of the disgusting, violent, racist Tory party. 

People who voted Tory might want to tell us to mind our language, or respect people’s differing views, but when your difference of opinion is the difference between a child starving and a child not starving – the time for civility is over. You might be angry. It’s likely, if you’re one of our most excellent readers, that you are – and that is one hundred percent valid. The Tories won this one but it isn’t over, already they are reneging on their empty promises not to privatise the NHS, and using their army of bots to spread disinformation regarding the NHS on social media. Bourgeois Tory scumbag Damian Greene brazenly appeared on the radio this weekend, suggesting that people move over to private healthcare providers. It. Is. Already. Fucking. Happening. Less than a week on and it’s happening, the Tories said this wouldn’t happen and it fucking is. They lied. It’s hardly surprising that 88% of all ads paid for by the Tories this campaign were found to be misleading by an independent not-for-profit fact-checking organisation. 

The next five years will be a fight for the many. The fight will be long and hard, and although we are all angry we should be cautious of violence. It may come to rioting, and burning our corrupt, dysfunctional electoral system (more people voted for Labour in this election than voted for Labour in the landmark 1997 election) to the ground, but first, every avenue needs to be exhausted before we resort to violence. The Tories are not competent, and over the next five years they will show this. In our communities we need to organise and mobilise, at first we need to help people, the starving, the poor, the destitute – we need to organise so that we can oppose NHS privatisation, authoritarian legislation, child starvation, environmental degradation and racist policy-making.

If you’re reading this and you voted Tory, hang your head in fucking shame. We’re sure that you’re probably already uncomfortable, because very few people who voted Tory have admitted to it. They are the silent majority, and they should be ashamed of themselves right now, and they should be uncomfortable – they have voted for death, misery, and starvation for their own benefit. They know this. They know this well. If you voted Tory, YOU know this. If you didn’t, you’re still part of a sizeable majority (only ten-million people out of around 40 million in the UK did vote for the Tories) and if you’re not angry, you should be – something dark is coming, and it is our time to resist, to take care of the most vulnerable, and to organise within our communities and within our scene to do so.

At Astral Noize we will be becoming more overtly political in the coming year – Novara co-founder and Senior Editor Aaron Bastani said a few days before polling day that we need more truly left-wing media, and Astral Noize intends to be a part of this. As such, we’ve compiled a playlist of songs to help you channel your anger – your anger is valid, it is righteous, but please think very carefully how you use it. If we devolve into rioting and violence with no purpose we will lose. We must channel our anger productively, to help those marginalised and left behind by callous, uncaring Tory bastards and their fascist friends. We must exhaust all peaceful possibilities before we fight. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a playlist of music to rage against anti-authoritarian-nazi-tory-bastard-fascist-scum to, so that you can feel your anger, process it, meditate on it and use it productively. We hope we won’t need it, but this playlist may well be fit for the barricades one day – war is hell, and violence is wrong, so please, fight the good fight first, for the many, not the few.

No Pasarán.

Words: Richard Lowe

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