EP Premiere: Hvile I Kaos – Black Morning, Winter Green

Despite their respective cultures being seemingly worlds apart, the sights and sounds of classical music and heavy metal can compliment each other wonderfully. Often, classical instruments are used by metal artists as a buffer, a moment of serenity amongst all the chaos, but orchestral instruments have such a range that their ability to create gloomier textures is often overlooked. California-based artist Hvile I Kaos is well aware of how intense chamber music can be, something that’s evident early on in the project’s latest release.

Multi-instrumentalist Kakophonix’s latest EP is an intriguing blend of the dark and the emotional, with the expressive strings finding time to operate in murky and surprisingly confrontational territories as well as more poignant realms. Black metal fans drawn in by the macabre artwork may initially be disappointed to find nothing but orchestral strings, but one listen to Black Morning, Winter Green and they may find this expansive release conjuring familiar feelings as metal’s most depraved subgenre.

If you’re the sort of metal fan who lives for riffs, this won’t be for you, but if it is the doom and gloom within the music that excites you, then the emotive soundscapes and otherworldly murk of Black Morning, Winter Green will almost certainly be worth your time.

The EP was mastered by Brent Vallecfuoco (Xanthochroid), with a layout designed by Jeff Wilson (Chrome Waves, ex-Wolvhammer) and cover art drawn by Satanic artist Erica Frevel.

Hear it in full ahead of its 6th December release below!

Black Morning, Winter Green is out 6th December on Red Nebula. Order here.

Words: George Parr

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