Review: Entrail – Eater Of Starlight

Entrail’s third release is a tumultuous journey down the rabbit hole of space and silence. This ain’t a feel-good piece, but you’re probably trash so wallow.

There’s a very pagan feel throughout, and not the “oi blud you’z a pagan” kind of colloquialistic urban jibe, but a sort of counter-culture reverent majesty, typified by the slowly progressing chords punctuated by calm and serene vocals in the opening track ‘Dark Moon’. The heavy use of looping runs well to the almost minimalist feel throughout the second track, lulling you into a trance as the words whip and swirl around you. Like a well scored out soundtrack to a very, very bad mental breakdown.

The album mixes the organic with the other worldly; there’s a certain lo-fi science fiction vibe that wouldn’t be out of place in various film scenes. The building of suspense and release that gives experimental and avant garde music it’s unique selling points allows the imagination to really flourish and paint the bleak scenery the artist is so eloquently painting. 

Long, drawn out, bleak sounds are synonymous with practically every aspect of existence at the moment. As the government continue to grate their nails down the eternal blackboard of rampant self annihilation, such structured things as verse and chorus are redundant in the wake of the barbaric, self serving stupidity our hubristic leaders are about to rain heavily down upon the world without care or caution. This album gives you plenty of time to think about how shit everything is and that’s no bad thing. Anyway, fuck you, enjoy, chant, chaaaaant!

Eater Of Starlight is available now via Scry Recordings and can be purchased here

Words: James Clarke

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