Review: Red Stone Chapel – Omega Boombox

Sometimes with all of the different genres around we can forget just how important and vital rock and roll can be. Red Stone Chapel remember. Although they don’t play in that style, every riff and note they play is dripping in pure rock swagger. Hailing from Marburg in Germany, the six piece refer to the sound that they make as heavy swamp music, which is a pretty accurate description. It’s a thundering sound drenched in Americana and southern rock. If you mix the unstoppable crunch of Crowbar and mix it with the funk drenched quirkinesses of Clutch, you wouldn’t be far off from where Red Stone Chapel are at. Oh, and riffs: so many riffs.

The eight tracks of Omega Boombox are filled with more amazing riffs and guitar lines than any band on their first album should legally be entitled too. The three guitars bounce and spark off each other in a way that is a joy to hear. Each track has been crafted with buckets of melody but with the force behind it that makes it kick like a mule. The musicianship is first class and they gel together so well you can tell that these guys have been playing together for years. There also needs to be a big shout for the lyrics and vocals. They jump from subject to subject in a way that is disconcerting and hilarious. All of which is delivered in barks, shouts and spoken word drawl as if Tom Waits was fronting the hardest stoner rock band in the world. In every way this album is a blast.

So if you want an amazing time seriously damaging the muscles in your neck while having a ridiculous grin on your face, then Omega Boombox is the album for you.

Omega Boombox is released 25th October via Argonauta Records and can be purchased here.

Words: Nathan Tyler

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