Review: Still – Reprieve

On paper when looking at Still‘s latest offering Reprieve, a three track EP , there doesn’t look like there’s a whole lot to get your teeth into. However, after just 40 seconds this is proven to very much not be the case, as the rough sound of distorted guitars meets the listeners ear. There is a rawness which emanates from the four-piece’s music which isn’t so much a lack of gravitas, rather a pouring out of passion that is conveyed in their music. With a blend of dark post hardcore and emotive post metal sprinkled throughout the three tracks, Still give themselves plenty of breathing space to play around within each track, yet at the same produce a well rounded and complete sound. 

In just three tracks the quartet manage to squeeze in all the different elements of their sound, from stoner led riffs to brutal blast beats and atmospheric guitars, bringing it all together in a clever fashion. Oddly enough there is almost a catchiness to some of the bands elements, for example the repeated riff which is present throughout the opening track ‘Last’; it sits with the listener like an earworm continuing to go round and round long after the EP has finished. 

What makes this EP feel more rounded and complete than other releases of a similar length is that the musicianship is so well crafted. In title track ‘Reprieve’ Still are able to display a range of tempo changes and a blast beat section which would make any black metal band proud. However, it is the bands shortest track and EP closer ‘Beggars’ where they really come into their element. Starting off with an absolute pummelling assault the vocals actually act like some form of reprieve from the guitars and drums, but as the track nears its conclusion all the elements of the band come together in a near crescendo of beautiful aggression. 

For a relatively new band to be able to produce such a fully formed three track EP is impressive, the only thing is of course, it leaves you begging for so much more.

Reprieve is released 22nd November via Trepanation Recordings and can be purchased here.

Words: Tim Birkbeck

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