Photo gallery: Wiegedood live at Boston Music Rooms

Wiegedood, which translates to “Death in The Cradle”, have made some impressive progress over the last year or so having released their first full album and the first of the De Doden Hebben Het Goed trilogy. They have moved from playing in tiny intimate venues, to putting on an astounding performance on the Altar stage at Hellfest to annihilating a packed venue as the sole band of the evening. It is an honour to witness this epic event of them performing a two and a half hour set of their trilogy De Doden Hebben Het Goed.

Played in chronological order ‘Svanesang” opens Thursday night’s proceedings with an unapologetic full-blown assault on the senses both aurally and visually, with intense light that flashes like lightening to match the thunderous drumming from Wim Sreppoc. The anguished howls from vocalist Levy Seynaeve seem painfully cathartic as if this is a personal cleansing rather than a performance for the crowd; they are as powerful as they are harrowing. Soaring above are the blistering blackened tremolos (kept high with the distinct lack of bass) from both himself and Giles Demolder also of Oathbreaker. The subtly strum, dynamic notes which follow are especially effective and lull the audience into a trance before being awoken again with another barrage of scorching riffs and soul searing shrieks.

Apart from the odd moment of calm from the storm tearing apart The Boston Music Rooms it’s a full-blown assault that ferociously gallops on like the hounds of hell, full of poignant licks and piercing vocals, which despite the brutality have the audience entranced in headbanging haze with the hypnotic rhythm. The intensely blinding light continues to flash red and white allowing glimpses of the menacing trio’s silhouettes on the darkened stage and when it already seems at its peak the intensity increases to jaw dropping levels with ‘Onder Gaan’ before breaking into a triumphant and beautiful mesmerising cacophony of noise, foreign dialogue and instrumentals to conclude the first of the trilogy.

Part II is unapologetically ferocious yet still ups the ante and whips the crowd into an madly grinning air punching frenzy with ‘Ontzieling’. The band storm through the next four tracks with the same sadistic pace, allowing only for the occasional decrease to a less frenetic assault, full of stunning instrumental nuances and powerful dynamics to sooth before the next punishment. Whilst it could be said the whole damn set is a highlight ‘DDHHGII’ and ‘Smeekbede’ stands out with haunting Viking effects and a more old-school black metal sound which is reflected with the transition into the final part of the trilogy starting with “Prowl”.

Where Amenra are a perfect blend of genres, Wiegedood keep it predominantly straight up black metal and create an incredibly foreboding atmosphere, but there is not a lick of corpse paint or stud in sight. The darkest, fastest and possibly most fiercely intense band of the Church Of Ra collective and absolutely captivating till the very end.

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Words & images: Abi Coulson (Darktones Photography)

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