Issue 5: The Art of Astral Noize

Copies of Astral Noize Issue 5 have officially landed at Astral Noize HQ, and they look absolutely fabulous. This is largely down to the fantastic array of art featured in the zine, which have all been contributed by a host of talented designers and illustrators.

We have found ourselves so enamoured with these works of art that we’ve decided to share the art with you online, including the front and back covers, comic strips and the free pullout poster! Enjoy.

2019-09-13 (4)
Issue 5 cover – by Jamie Christ (IG: @christwvrks)
Pullout Poster (1)
Free pullout – by Chandler Bouton (Tw: @soblin_)
frame (1)
Border for The Horn interview – by Oli Melville (IG: @olimelvilleart)
Horus (1)
Eye of Horus design for The Horn interview – by Oli Melville (IG: @olimelvilleart)
Heavy Doom - by Adam MacKintosh (2)
Climate change cartoon – by Adam MacKintosh (IG: @mackintosh.adam)
Dear DIYary – by Natalie Byrne (IG: @nataliebyrne)
Neurosis design – by Callum Jeanes (IG: @caljeebs)
2019-09-13 (2)
Issue 5 back cover – by Jamie Christ (IG: @christwvrks)

Astral Noize Issue 5 is available here.


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