Review: The Body – Remixed

Twenty years into their existence, the duo look back on their work through the eyes of others. This is a far more risky and ambitious affair than it might seem at first glance. The Body’s extreme austerity cannot possibly survive when re-worked by other artists, can it? 

Remixed is not a The Body album at any rate. The most common flaw in this type of release is that the remixing artist takes the lead of the tracks way too much. Indeed, at times, the only body part you hear, is Chip King. And that’s not what this band’s essence should be reduced to.  However, most of the tracks here are pretty good. It’s like listening to Trent Reznor’s secret stash of works in progress at times, while darkwave, ambient, techno and even dub (!) dominate on other tracks. The standouts are Container’s ‘Ten Times a Day Everyday a Stranger’, Mark Solotroff’s ridiculously frightening ‘Denial of the Species’ and Moor Mother’s Thom Yorke-esque ‘Off Script’. Lingua Ignota closes off Remixed with an outstanding version of ‘Hallow Hollow’, which clearly shows the intricate parts of the original. If there’s any artist who can seamlessly connect with The Body, it’s her. 

Recognition is key here, and not just in terms of artistic merit in the eye of some of today’s foremost experimental musicians. It’s also about the amount of influence this band exerts. The diversity of these artists and respective remixes is testament to the fact that Chip King’s screaming and the rudimentary instrumentation are not all the likes of you and me hear in this music. The Body’s work always had the intention of leaving a mark beyond the bleak desperation. That message has been well understood by this record’s line-up, which is exactly what makes Remixed worth your time after all.

Remixed is out 11th October via Thrill Jokey records and can be purchased here.

Words: Marc Puyol-Hennin

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