Review: Kürøishi – Sound The Alarm

The thought of putting d-beat drummers and sweeping guitar solos together on paper sounds like a recipe for disaster. But when put into the hands of Finish hardcore punks Kürøishi it is a combination which not only compliments but elevates the bands sound. You cannot escape the shredding guitars which lend a heavy part of the makeup of this the band’s second album Sound the Alarm. Admittedly squealing guitar solos aren’t for everyone and there are times on this record where they most certainly overstay their welcome. 

But where Kürøishi save themselves is the hard d-beat drums and the rawness of the vocals which punch through what the guitars are doing. On track ‘Ahneuden Juuret’ is where the band truly shines as relentless guitars have their time to flourish and when the vocals kick, what’s happening in the background just adds as an accompanying element. The longer the record progresses the more the band showcases their ability to display high-charge tempos and throw in some big gang choruses. With ‘No Values’ the band really kick-start the second half of the record off and the track propels the band into the next gear in terms of ferocity and pace. 

However, there does become a sense of repetition within the album and by the time the listener reaches the penultimate song ‘What Keeps Us Alive’ you can almost outline exactly how the song structure is going to go. That being said Kürøishi are extremely proficient in their craft and there is no taking that away from them, but for an album that is made up of eleven tracks there is a little bit of fatigue as it draws to its crescendo. As the winter months near ever closer, Kürøishi sound like how it feels when the cold hits, but like the cold, it leaves a feeling that it will pass by in a flash.

Sound The Alarm is released 20th September via Fight Records and can be purchased here.

Words: Tim Birkbeck

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