Review: Eye Flys – Context

When a band is comprised of members that already play in other, well established bands, there is always a notion that the influence of their regular band will bleed into the new project. However, in the case of Eye Flys the band finds itself a step away from what Full of Hell’s Spencer Hazard and Backslider’s Patrick Forrest have previously been putting out into the world. Yes, it is still aggressive and packs a punch, with the album offering up six ferocious tracks with a punk undertone. However, what is interesting about Eye Flys’ approach is that even though the band have produced a heavy record, each song stands alone as six separate narratives, with guitarist/vocalist Jake Smith acting as storyteller. 

The record opens with the a fuzzy, distorted bass tone in ‘Stems’ where Smith poses the question ‘What the fuck makes you so sure?’, challenging the listener to reflect on their self-assurances. Musically, the band may not necessarily be reinventing the wheel, with heavy riffs and d-beat drums galore, but it is the way all the elements are weaved together which gives the draw to the listener. 

It’s when the band launch into the track ‘Weaponize’ that everything seems to come together and as a listener you get a clear understanding of what Eye Flys are all about. The raw aggression in the vocals teamed together with the rough tones of the guitar and thumping of the drums makes for a deliciously dirty track which will have you banging your head repetitively. With Smith screaming the words ‘subjective deception, it’s in your eyes’ at the start of the track it makes you realise how we are all just wading our way through bullshit in the hopes of some form of clarity. 

Even though some of the melodies on offer may be a touch repetitive, at just six tracks Context is the perfect statement of intent of what Eye Flys have to offer and whets the appetite for so much more. 

Context is released on 13th September and can be purchased here.

Words: Tim Birkbeck

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