Review: Death By Fungi – Die In Bombay

Despite the slightly goofy name, Death By Fungi are a mean, fat–free punk affair. Consisting of four tracks, Die in Bombay is an EP of wiry, metallic hardcore with moments of polish and melody. Drummer Aryaman Chatterji puts in some great performances, most notably on the eponymous opening track, with the whole band delivering a frantic feel throughout, heavy enough to warrant the ‘metal’ tag but rough enough for the hardcore crowd.

There are a few sidesteps, such as the guitar line in ‘Guilt and Admission’, which shifts from minor melodicism into dissonance as it ascends, and the move from melodic hardcore to thrash on closing track ‘Attrition’, but the vocals remain abrasive throughout. Converge are clearly an influence, and, true to hardcore, the lyrics focus on social disparities, but without falling into cliché; ‘If you’re born in Bombay/You’ll die in Bombay/Move to Mumbai/You’ll die in Mumbai’ (‘Die In Bombay’). The recording quality suggests that this EP, released independently, is made up of two newer and two older tracks, and the current impression is that Death By Fungi are a sophisticated sum of their influences. However, they’re not far off from emerging with their own sound, and when they do it’s going to be an even leaner, meaner affair.

Die In Bombay is out now and can be purchased here.

Words: Gregory Brooks

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