Review: A-Sun Amissa – For Burdened And Bright Light

Reviewing albums can sometimes be difficult, always being careful not to belittle the art or it’s influences and making sure that the words which are written are enough to do the compositions justice. This review is one of those; the two track album with a run time of 42 minutes is a beautiful, juxtaposition of noise and harmony. 

​For Burdened and Bright Light is the fifth full length album from A-Sun Amissa the brainchild of Richard Knox. The first track on the album titled ‘Seagraves’ sets the pace beautifully with its unsettling and chaotic machinery noise and drones which sound like something taken straight from a Friday The 13th film. After a solid minute of noise it finally collapses in on itself, giving way to the underlying drone that has been present since the start and begins to rebuild itself once again. Once the drone reaches its second height the track drops to almost nothing but a delayed guitar riff as it lays down the ambient texture for the more melodic section of the track. The noise juxtaposed with the ambient guitars and strings allows the listener to experience similar emotions to what crash landing on an unknown planet or a near death experience may feel like. This track is disquieting, unsettling and down right scary in places; the perfect soundtrack to a H.P Lovecraft novel. 

The second track ‘Breath by Breath’ takes a more ambient route than the first, an aftermath of sorts. Delicately layered strings and drone ambience reinforce the overall soundtrack-like melancholy of the album whilst possessing some similar themes from ‘Seagraves’. Mid way through, the track breaks into a more typical doom metal track with a repetitive bassline and screeching guitar similar to early Electric Wizard ending with more of that familiar machine folly from the opening track. For Burdened and Bright Light is a great piece of music and worthy of your time, giving the listener more rewards on repeated listens.

For Burdened And Bright Light is out 13th September via Gizeh Records/Consouling Sounds and can be purchased here.

Words: Oli Hulett 

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