The sticky humid days that continue to plague London are apt for some fuzzy swampy sludge at The Dome In London. Unfortunately, it’s only possible to catch the last two songs by Trippy Wicked and the Cosmic Children of the Night which are chock full of groove, psychedelic riffs and crashing drums backing up the soaring vocals from Peter Holland of Elephant Tree.

From Wilmington, California ASG tow that line perfectly between cheesy punk rock and balls out stoner metal. Which for some makes for a rock out with your (proverbial) cock out good time jumping around like an idiot singing the lyrics with a crazy grin on your face good time! Each song is tight as fuck and has an explosive upbeat energy with bursts of anguished bellows amid the harmonies which rise over the fuzzy just complicated enough riffs.

Frequent touring buddies with ASG and also from Wilmington it’s time for the trio that is Weedeater. Dixie Dave is full of his usual stage antics with a plethora of gurns and grimaces and his ritualistic bottle spinning, bourbon swigging, cigarette smoking, bass pounding and foot-stomping and feet kicking. He snarls and yelps his way through ‘God Luck and Goodspeed’ followed by greats including Lynrd Skkynrd cover ‘Gimme Back My Bullets’ and ‘Weed Monkey’. Dragging the enthused moshing audience through the murky swampy filthy sludge and despite the description, it’s fucking great. The stick twirling drummer Ramzi Ateyeh also of Buzzoven is on fire and the riffs coming from are ridden with a thick syrupy groove but it’s truly Dixie that steals the show. Weedeater always deliver and are never a bore so hopefully the pictures here speak for themselves.

Scroll down to see our photo gallery of the gig.

Words & images: Abi Coulson (Darktones photography)


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