Review: Cliterati – Ugly Truths/Beautiful Lies

We live in a world full of empty gestures. If you are into heavy music then you are surrounded by faux anger. Often, with screaming vocals being the norm it can be a struggle to find genuine emotion beyond the stereotypes. In the case of Ugly Truths/Beautiful Lies this is one of, if not the angriest album you will hear this year. 

What follows the opening salvo of the first track ‘Slow Burn’ is a thirty three minute polemic against Trump and all that his Presidency has kicked loose and let rise to the surface. Cliterati take on everything, from emotional breakups to the persecution of immigrants and trans rights. Whatever subject the Oregon band attack they do so with immense passion. In a time when it is generally the safer option to keep your head below the parapet and not offer any opinions, it’s refreshing to hear music that wears it heart on its sleeve.

Ugly Truths/Beautiful Lies is a pure blend of hardcore and crust punk. Whilst it may not necessarily bring anything new to the table musically, with this much passion and fury it doesn’t need to. It clatters along at breakneck pace with only the intention of leaving devastation in its wake. A lot of respect needs to be given to vocalist Ami Lawless – she is a revelation and one of the most genuine voices you are likely to hear in punk.  

In all, this album has a lot to offer however you approach it. If you want a blast of punk energy to throw yourself about to then it definitely ticks that box. However, if you take your time with it and let it settle in your brain, you are left with a genuinely important piece of music that will resonate for a long time after it has stopped playing.

Ugly Truths/Beeautiful Lies is out 30th August via Tankcrimes and can be purchased here.

Words: Nathan Tyler

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