Review: Geist – Swarming Season

When the phrase dark hardcore is thrown out into the world bands that you tend to lean into would be the likes of Cursed, Trap Them, Gatecreeper and many more. So it is no surprise that in northern quartet Geist’s Swarming Season these influences are worn clearly and proudly on their sleeves. Whether it is the HM2 influenced guitar tone, the riffs which would not be out of place on an All Pigs Must Die record or raw growling vocals powering through, it is a safe assumption that the four-piece aren’t recreating the wheel. 

That being said even if Swarming Season may not be the most unique of records in terms of sound, the way the songs are structured are what makes them stand out from a crowd. The chaotic nature of Geist’s sound is something which adds to their appeal and in the song ‘Sleep Deprived’ this really comes alive, with the vocals almost having to punch through the relentless drums which relentlessly pummel the listeners ears. 

Despite the hectic nature that makes up the bulk of this record, it is when the band slow things down and you can really take apart what the band is doing where it feels like they come into their own. On the just over four minute epic ‘Silent Hive’– the second longest track on the record – the slower rhythm gives the listener the opportunity to really digest what Geist are all about, showcasing that they aren’t just all about blasting drums and heavy riffs. 

Throughout the record it’s the guitars which are the standout feature of the record. Surging throughout, going from face shredding riffs to feedback squeals which make you wince in the best possible way- they are the driving force for Geist. Even if Geist aren’t necessarily bringing anything particularly new to the party, Swarming Season is one hell of a ride and one which is worth jumping on. 

Swarming Season is out 20th September via Cursed Monk Records and can be purchased here.

Words: Tim Birkbeck

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