Cerebral Rot make no bones about their philosophy, both musical and spiritual. This is a frothing, snorting eruption of unhallowed noise, staked somewhere between Autopsy‘s pioneering death ‘n’ doom and the schlocky atmospheric underpinnings of Convulse, delivered as a spike to the heart of those who try to drag death metal forward from its first wave magic.

It is understandable that some may feel slightly suffocated by the deluge of OSDM releases of late, yet there is little denying that Odius Descent Into Decay taps brilliantly into that well of Satanic horror that once defined the metal underground. The gloriously grotesque likes of ‘Primordial Soup Of Radioactive Sewage’ and ‘Repulsive Infestation of Cadaver’ are splurging mid-paced gems which barrel along on a bedrock of brutal simplicity.

Even looking beyond its primitive approach, this record sounds more like the work of battle-scarred veterans than a debut full length. Indeed, the focus on hooks and atmosphere makes for a deceptively catchy collection of tracks which dial back the tempo for maximum heaviousity, and ensuring when they do take flight into the blastosphere (‘Swamped In Festering Extrementia’), it hits home with a jackhammer impact. Add to this some braying, squealing guitar leads evil enough to give Kerry King the cold sweats and the endlessly satisfying incensed warthog gutturals, and Odious Descent Into Decay is another plunge into the dark well worth taking.

Odious Descent Into Decay is released 16th August via 20 Buck Spin and can be purchased here.

Words: Tony Bliss

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