Under the Influence with Tilde

Glasgow duo Tilde are an exercise in sonic experimentation that most frequently manifests in enveloping waves of heavy drone and atmospheric noise. Astral Noize Records is thrilled to be releasing their latest EP Ayebidin (purchase here) on a super-limited run of high-quality tapes – it’s two tracks and 25 minutes of ambient, transcendent music emanating down from some celestial plane. 

We use these Under The Influence pieces to delve into the inspirations behind the bands on our label, and this usually comes in the form of a list of artists that have had an important impact on the band in question. For Tilde, however, the most important influence is nature. As such, this piece is more of a photo gallery, with all photos taken by the band themselves. Keep scrolling for a quote from FS on the importance of nature, as well as a series of pictures he took whilst wandering the wilds.

FS: “I think that the music we create lends itself to the visuals we use on our covers and vice versa. Nature has always been very important to me and often helps focus my mind. When we are going to put something out, as was the case with Ayebidin, I send IW an image and we discuss it as a cover and what it says about the music that accompanies it. I always look for inspiration from nature, I love being in the middle of the woods by myself, surrounded by bird song and the ambience that the trees create. I never feel completely alone, its comforting. The image for Ayebidin was taken in the woods at Dumyat in the Ochil Hills near Stirling. The images that accompany this piece were taken in the woodland area at Lanark Loch, where I spend a lot of time seeking inspiration for ideas and concepts for Tilde.”


Ayebidin is out now, click here to listen and pick it up on tape.

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