Review: Föllakzoid – I

I is the seventh release from Chilean experimentalists Föllakzoid . The album was formed with the duel idea of creating extremely minimal tracks whilst trying to fill longer spaces of time. The result is an album which has an ambient, dub-techno feel, not crying for attention but instead giving the listener the breathing space to appreciate the small intricate inner-workings of the album. Föllakzoid’s latest album is in stark contrast to their previous releases such as III as previously there was a clear structure to the tracks and a purpose in how they were formed to create a cohesive album, whereas with I there is no set direction and it’s almost as if the band got lost in the moment when creating them. The band have stated the entire album was created in complete isolation from each other which no doubt adds to the strange and almost upfront nature of the project. 

Each track on I progresses slowly, cleverly transitioning into the next, the peak of the album being perfectly timed to land on the mid-way point of ‘IIII’ which also features some distant and somewhat unsettling vocals. This album is all about dynamics and psychedelic rhythms with the aim of creating a trance like state for the listener. The album ends just as abruptly as it begins with no fade out or similar such technique but instead with a solitary drum hit.

Overall, I is a unique, clever and interesting album that has both the power to totally engulf the listener whilst also being tame enough to transport them on a long and absorbing psychedelic trip.

I will be released on 1st August via Sacred Bones and can be purchased here.

Words: Oli Hulett

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