Announcing the Astral Noize Issue One Redux

Issue One Redux drops DATE, click here to pre-order

To revive work of which we’re proud and which many of newer readers will never have seen, we’ve decided to revamp and reprint Astral Noize Issue One.

The first ever issue of Astral Noize is a work of tremendous passion from a small team dedicated to underground metal. During the process of its creation we shifted from covering doom and associated genres into a wider range of anything noisy but progressive. In its pages you will find bands you may not have heard of elsewhere, including one or two who may no longer exist, but who are sure to become some of your favourites nonetheless.

This issue is very much Astral Noize’s origins, and as such we’ve also included a few pieces taken from the very early days of our website. In terms of content it’s probably our most zine-like issue, but with this reissue it has been given a complete overhaul, to the extent that the new design and editing surpass even our colossal fourth issue. During its creation, work has also continued on issue five, which will boast a sleek but unique design alongside our best content to date. Keep an eye out for that, but we hope you enjoy this in the meantime.

As with each of our zines, Issue One Redux will come with an awesome cover, this time designed by Diddums Doodles, as well as a pullout poster designed by Astral Noize editor Rich Lowe. Inside, features include interviews with Dragged Into Sunlight, Haast’s Eagled, Ghold and Ohhms, as well as Gig Stories – which features some weird (and gross) tales from gigs, festivals and more – and an exploration of house shows and their continued importance.

Issue One Redux drops mid-August, pre-order here and check out the cover, pullout poster and some sneak peaks at a few of the features below.

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