Review: Tovarish – If The War Comes Tomorrow

Inspiration can come from many places. Literature, film and art are all viable sources, however Rhode Island based experimentalists Tovarish opt for possibly the most sobering of all – real life. Influenced by the recent political climate in America, If The War Comes Tomorrow is a 48 minute outcry of frustration, disdain and dejection.

Tovarish paint the cold landscape of today’s politics using a variety of extreme and abrasive sub-genres. Pounding industrial beats mesh together with the amp driven soundscapes of drone, blistering black metal lines and the at times otherworldly synth textures. Woven into this bleak musical backdrop are various samples of past events, culminating in an audio experience in equal parts terrifying and real. ‘In The Language of Firepower’ is a prime example of this amalgam, twisting in and out of minimal noise bursts and crushing guitars, all propped up by the stunning guest vocals of Sabbath Assembly’s Jamie Myers.

Some tracks take a more ambient route, with the use of cleaner guitar tones and restrained use of drums helping to create a thick smog of despondency. One of these cuts, ‘To Hide is To Survive’ comes after the previously mentioned ‘In The Language Of Firepower’. This pairing of tracks creates that sense of poignancy one sometimes feels after a burst of aggression towards a friend or loved one, and is devlishy effective. Whilst the other ambient leaning tracks evoke a similar uneasiness, the placement of these two tracks in particular make them a notable highlight of the album. 

Even from a non political standpoint, If The War Comes Tomorrow stands strong on its own two feet as a teeth gnashing spit of anger. Listeners who wish to delve deeper will find a band compromising nothing to brandish their message with a steadfast brutality. A harrowing listen for a harrowing reality.

If The War Comes Tomorrow is available right now through Argonauta Records and can be purchased here.

Words: Sean Elias

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