Review: Torche – Admission

Torche are fifteen year veterans of the metal scene, having released seven albums before this, their 2019 release Admission. Refusing to confine their music to a definite singular pair or group of genres, guitarist Jon Nuñes cites a wide taste including 70’s rock, ambient, noise and Hispanic music as the eclectic melting pot that constitutes their sound. Admission brings the listener an abrasive packed instrumental tone, with purposeful songwriting that has a consistent momentum throughout.

Torche have a penchant for bold, slamming intros that capture the spirit of each piece, with uniform rhythm guitar and drums providing the quick abrasive ignition to songs such as ‘Submission’, ‘What was’ and ‘Inferno’. Simple but effective and dense rhythm guitar work characterises these songs, while raw rock ‘n’ roll vocals plot a gloomy narrative. While this amplified rock ‘n’ roll sound is the fulcrum of Admission, a melodic stoner style becomes the focus of tracks like ‘Time Missing’, ‘Slide’ and the title track, with the rhythm and lead guitars delivering their intros and chorus’ with a bouncing heavy metal style. ‘Admission’ and ‘Changes Come’ add a further unexpected feeling to the work, with the lead guitar melodies providing diminished stark tones that elude to early 2000’s indie rock such as Idlewild and Muse, the result being this relaxed feel that dampens the signature blasting tone of the underlying rhythm work. 

Admission is a direct and brief work. There is an inherent simplicity to its structure but the album remains a sharp and bludgeoning statement that is bolstered by melodic groove and waning melodies to absorbing effect.  

Admission is available via Relapse Records and can be purchased here.

Words: Omar Sowar

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