Review: Old Horn Tooth – From The Ghost Grey Depths

From the Ghost Grey Depths is the debut EP from London based doom trio Old Horn Tooth. From the very start, the EP sets a much loved and traditional doom vibe with the single guitar intro, somewhat similar to bands such as Windhand and Witchsorrow. After five minutes of heavy doom riffs we are greeted with vocals in a similar vein to Yob’s Mike Scheidt or Low Flying Hawk

Throughout the EP there is a heavy underlying presence of psychedelic and noise elements on each track, particularly audible on ‘She is Risen’ and ‘Grief’, lending an atmospheric depth to proceedings. During the EPs impressive 50 minute run time there are clear influences of various folklore and myths influencing the themes, similar to the way in which doom heavyweights Conan weave such subjects into their music.  Recorded with Sam Thredder (Slabdragger) at his Cro’s Nest Studio, it is fair to say the EP was written and recorded in safe doom drenched hands. The band rightly boast that the whole EP was ready to record and be released all within six weeks of jamming out semi-constructed riffs written by Chris Jones (Vocals, Guitars) back in 2017 and while it may have taken some time to get the ball rolling on this project, the band have clearly found their stride.

From the Ghost Grey Depths ticks all the boxes when it comes to what one would expect from doom and would arguably make for a great entry point for anyone unfamiliar with the genre. However, there is also enough nuance and subtleties here for veteran doom fans to find something new to love. 

From The Ghost Grey Depths is out now and can be purchased here.

Words: Oli Hulett

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