Review: Concilivm – The Veiled Enigma

Two groups of primates stare at one another across a pool of water. Teeth are bared, chests pushed forward. Wordless challenges carry through the air, shortly before threats give way to actions. Blows are exchanged, teeth bloodied, clubs raised before falling upon bone that soon becomes broken; and, in the background, Concilivm play.

To describe The Veiled Enigma as primitive is to pay it a compliment. This is Chilean blackened death metal of timeless violence, summoning a dread that has always existed in the souls of humankind. Cavernous riffs and bellowed vocals recall the likes of Incantation and early Morbid Angel, along with a similar sense of endless conflict to be found in bands such as Blasphemy. There is no subtlety here; no sense that you need to listen to The Veiled Enigma multiple times to “understand” it; just riff after punishing riff, interspersed with leads and solos that call to the beyond. That the members go by the symbols for Alpha and Omega is fitting; this is the kind of death metal that recalls the earliest days of humankind as much as it does a world devolving into chaos and darkness.

At 25 minutes, The Veiled Enigma isn’t quite long enough to have the full impact it could – this kind of metal really works best over the course of an album – but it does demonstrate that, if a full-length does arrive, it will be something to pay attention to. Concilivm have absolutely nailed the apocalyptic atmosphere that blackened death metal requires to succeed and paired it with some great individual songs. The Veiled Enigma is a superb EP that certainly has this writer excited for what Concilivm will release in the future.

The Veiled Enigma is released via Dawning Septic Productions on 31st May and can be purchased here.

Words: Stuart Wain

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