Premiere: Hornwood Fell – Vulnera Pt. VI

Italy’s Hornwood Fell may have initially formed as little more than a homage to second-wave black metal, but the Basili twins (also known for their work with the likes of Kailash, Hastur, Gemanatta Youth and Vinterfresa) have adapted their style into something entirely more unique since their formation in 2013. Though still very much black metal, new album Damno Lumina Nocte, out May 31st on Third-I-Rex, acts as the crossroads of the blastbeats of their self-titled debut, the psychedelic flourishes of 2015’s Yheri, the avant-garde leanings of 2017’s My Body, My Time and the altogether darker and more intense stylings portrayed on last year’s Inferus EP.

Embodying a dissonant strain of black metal that at times borrows from sludge and post-metal in its pursuit of both extremity and experimentation, Damno Lumina Nocte is another fierce offering in a career lined with them. If it sounds up your street, then you’re in luck, as you can scroll down to check out a brand new track from the album below!

Discussing the album, the band explain: “When we recorded Inferus back in 2018, we opened our sound to a different approach, more obscure, somehow raw, and definitely more instinctive in comparison to the previous albums. Damno Lumina Nocte takes full hands from Inferus and its direction, projecting dark landscapes, discomforts, and open wounds of the society we live in. For this reason, we decided to title all tracks ‘Vulnera’ (parts I to VII), the Latin word for ‘wound’.”

“Looking forward to that primal instinct we mentioned before, we decided to write and record the album in just two days, the perfect time for us at that stage to gather energies, catalyse them, then release them, without contamination. Hard and pure, like some kind of shock therapy where we drained ourselves of all emotions, letting them flow with sincerity, then exploding, not holding back.”

Damno Lumina Nocte is out May 31st on Third-I-Rex. Order here.

Words: George Parr

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