Memes, PCP, and The Gospel of Croydon: The Insane World of T.W.A.T.

Bob Dylan once wrote, ‘The Times They Are A Changin”, and this can very much be said about the way the music industry works. Things are moving faster than ever. We live in a time where memes are practically currency, and a prominent way of communicating and connecting people. So naturally, the prospect of “meme bands” has arisen. Hell, we all know about Threatin by now, but who has actually taken the time to listen to their music?

T.W.A.T. Are a memetic powerviolence band from London who are terrorising social media, attacking music publications and labels, and causing a shitstorm through their, ahem, dank meme game. Yes they make music too, but should they!? We had the displeasure of chatting with Yappy and Dirgy at Dreadfest just in time before the police van turned up…


T.W.A.T. have been critically denounced by publications across the board… Kerrang!, Metal Hammer and Revolver are all claiming your music is terrible, with one Pitchfork writer going as far to say that your music brings suffering upon the world (in a rare 0.0 review). How do you respond to such a unified disgust?

Yappy: In the words of the almighty Kathleen Hanna; “suck my left one!”

Dirgy: Media is a dead format, who cares about a bunch of words and opinions when our 30-year legacy speaks for itself. T.W.A.T. are up in this bitch for life. Plus Buzzfeed love us!


We’ve heard a rumour that you sent your demo tape to Earache, and one of their employees just stopped living… Can you clear this up?

Yappy: We killed an Earache employee for their terrible treatment of Iron Monkey. Digby is next..

Dirgy: I’d stop living if I was at a dead-end label that haven’t put out a good record since Iron Monkey and heard fucking pure unadulterated fury like T.W.A.T.


How do T.W.A.T. describe their music in their own words?

Yappy: A myth sold to you as legend within your formative years… but with blastbeats.

Dirgy: Tina Turner on PCP.


T.W.A.T. have a very active and hilarious social media feed. Do you believe that memes can be important in promoting music?

Yappy: Memes are the source, artistry is masturbation in the modern age.

Dirgy: Memes?! What the fuck you talking about, our “social media” is run by a Primark sweat shop in India and only post our up-to-the-second thoughts and feelings on the scene.


What do you feel is the perfect length for a grind or power-violence album or set time?

Yappy: Seventeen minutes. Perfect length for grind and preaching the gospel of Croydon.

Dirgy: If I could write it in tab…
Don’t rip us off!!


We hear that Slabdragger’s Sam Thredder has had the displeasure of recording T.W.A.T. At The Cro’s Nest in London. How have you found the experience?

Yappy: Sam is a lad, we’re all very lucky to call him a friend and a collaborator. He does not have to suck his mum, for he is not a fuckboy.

Dirgy: Coke and hookers on tap? We’ll live the cliche if we have to. Thredder has been pro-T.W.A.T. since he saw us upstage Slayer every night in ’95 and invited us to record our first sessions with him in ’96, which have recently been unearthed and a video released for all you knobbers to behold!


What can you tell us about your upcoming release and do you have a title and release date in mind?

Yappy: Eleven tracks straight from Springfield Psychiatric named Ride My Dick. We’re sat upon a grind classic, release date will be revealed soon via Affair Records.


How does it feel to be playing Dreadfest and which bands have you been excited to see?

Yappy: Dreadfest was by far a 6/10 experience; would do again. Watchcries are the best.

Dirgy: Dread is a beacon of hope in the disgusting landscape of the UK “scene”. Respect to them; I would have said you couldn’t polish a turd, but they have made me eat said turd.


Ride My Dick is sadly coming soon on Affair Records. Check out T.W.A.T.’s meme game here.

Words: Laszlo Panaflex

Photo: Dave Jerome (World Downfall Photography)

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