Astral Noize Events: Creeping Death Fest

15:30-22:30 // FREE ENTRY // 18+ // Green Door Store, Brighton

Following our debut all-dayer earlier this year, the fantastic Seek & Destroy Fest, Astral Noize Events will be returning to The Green Door Store this May with Creeping Death Fest, featuring a host of great bands with a wide range of styles. From the grotesque grooves of death metal and the irate defiance of crust to the vast soundscapes of experimental noise and the hypnotic atmospheres of drone-doom, this promises to be an exciting night boasting an eclectic mix of sounds. Get down early to avoid missing out!



Were someone unfamiliar with Bong, they could be forgiven for expecting little more than another stoner rock band. Plenty of archetypal groove-reliant metallers decide to go with marijuana-inspired names, but amongst the bunch of weed-induced names picked out by people under the influence of the devil’s lettuce, Bong are somewhat of an anomaly. The Newcastle-bred group have acquired an extensive back catalogue throughout their fourteen-year existence, one that boasts an eclectic mix of recordings that tend to forego the groovy riffs of their stoned brethren in favour of noisy drone so trance-inducing their prolonged track-lengths fly by. If you’re yet to see them live, expect something really special from these hypnotists.



Similarly experimental but more traditionally doomy, London’s Sūrya offer up an atmospherically heavy strain of the genre driven by solemn riffs and gloomy percussion. The band’s latest album, 2016’s Apocalypse A.D., is equal parts ruthless and contemplative, drawing you in with ambient textures before crafting a cumbersome soundscape that makes you truly think about the environmentalist themes that run throughout. The album places these themes upfront through a series of news channel reports and samples in the intro, forcing you to think about the state of the world as they dive into grisly sludge and poignant post-metal. We’re looking forward to a gripping show from these environmental realists.



Perpetrators of a feral sound that boasts all the best elements of crust, hardcore and death metal, expect GEIST‘s set to offer a more primal catharsis before the more atmospherically imposing soundscapes of the bands that will follow them. If their latest release, 2018 7″ Everything Went Black, is anything to go by, the band are now more potent than ever, with discordant riffs that roar like punk but bludgeon harder.



From the heads-down brutality of Grim Existence to the long-form, experimental musings of Knifedoutofexistence. Those who have heard this experimental noise outfit’s latest track ‘Nocturnal Contrast’ will no-doubt be aware of the sonic journey the ‘Knifed live performance provides. Make sure you’re around to experience the transcendent voyage in its entirety – this is one set that you’ll want to see in full, for sure.


Grim Existence

They might sound like they belong in Sweden three decades ago, but this death metal powerhouse actually arose from the picturesque realm of Devon. Regardless of birthplace, though, the band can riff with the best of them, and recently released a three-track EP exemplifying just that. Be sure to check it out in preparation for the bloodshed.



For a metal fan, the most exciting artists are those who can innovate without needing to dial back the intensity, and Wallowing find an inch-perfect middle ground between ruthless barbarism and adventurous experimentation. The five-piece features members of Aerosol JesusHerd MoverKing Goat and Prisa Mata/Sūrya, and offers a brand of sci-fi extremity that’s certainly sludge, but also grind, prog, crust punk and more.



Opening Creeping Death fest will be two-piece blackened doom outfit Sunderer, who hail from the South of England. The band have just one track available online – but its eleven minutes already show the band’s immense potential, their progressive songwriting and fantastically-constructed riffs shining through even on such a raw, rough recording.

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