Left Hand Warpath: Feminazgul

Black metal is a genre that is currently going through a transformation. The genre’s hangups over racism, misogyny, and fascism are coming to a head now in what is being called the “New Wave of Anti-Fascist Black Metal.” One of the bands in the forefront of this movement is North Carolina’s Feminazgul.

Released on February 28th 2018, the band’s three track EP The Age Of Men Is Over brings together atmospheric and raw black metal with themes revolving around anti-fascism and feminism, all wrapped in Tolkien imagery. All facets of the EP have been written and recorded by the very talented Margaret Killjoy, but the band is currently expanding to start playing live shows. If the EP is anything to judge future plans by, the eventual LP should be absolutely crushing.

Black metal’s ugly side is slowly being lanced like an unsightly boil. The grotesqueness of its dark corners are being pulled into the light for all to see. The age of racism, misogyny, and fascism will soon be over, but for now… we’ll make due with The Age Of Men Is Over.

For further reading, check out our interview with Margaret Killjoy here.

Words: Richard Weeks (Blackened Death Records)

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