Ill In Pain‘s debut EP, Serve, rapidly delivers an extremely visceral uniting of hardcore-punk, black metal and grind, blending the very best elements of acts such as Dead In The Dirt, Full Of Hell and Nails. Blending styles, the five-track EP is unrelenting, displaying a very real state of confusion and turmoil alongside empowerment and progression.

The release layers ideological statements of working rights, the Western political landscape, Carnism, and the misinformation and subsequent mess of each subject. As overwhelming as the topics are, the closing title-track emphasises a position of power and forever-looking-forward progression – Ill In Pain are eye-opening but also aim to provide motivation for solutions, without an engulfing preachiness encumbering the brute strength of the record as a whole.

Self-recorded and self-produced, the importance of maintaining full control without detriment to the material was a focus for the duo, ensuring the five tracks are presented exactly as intended – calculated and blunt, without the coarse and punishing nature this genre often relies on.

Order your copy of Serve here.


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