Left Hand Warpath: Svalbard

Part of the appeal of left-leaning bands is not just diversity in the sound but also diversity in the lineups of these bands. Long gone are the days where metal and punk bands are built on four or five angry white dudes. This is a scene of inclusion and Bristol’s Svalbard are part of this new breed.

Blending the attitude of punk, the ferocity of black metal, and soaring melody, Svalbard are an absolute force of musical diversity. Lyrically, the band focuses on a number of contemporary social issues including abuse of the poor, rape culture, and feminism – all backed up by the intense emotional vocals of frontwoman and guitarist Serena Cherry.

The band have a number of albums, splits, and EPs available at their Bandcamp – but I would beseech you all to listen to It’s Hard To Have Hope as soon as possible. It’s an absolute monster of an album.

Diverse voices in the underground music scene are absolutely needed. Not only to stay fresh musically, but because we all have a story to tell. And the story Svalbard has to share is one well worth your time.

Svalbard will be headlining Brighton’s Seek & Destroy Fest on 30th March. Click here for more info.

Words: Richard Weeks (Blackened Death Records.)

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