Left Hand Warpath: Ithaca

The music of counter culture comes in many different styles. Politically-charged d-beat, aggressive thrash metal, antifascist black metal… and 2019 is already set to be an incredible year for extreme leftist musical acts. South London’s Ithaca is one of those bands.

Combining the intense energy of hardcore, the extremity of metal, and the technicality of math rock, Ithaca are an absolute force of brutality. Riffs dramatically switch between ferocious beatdowns and shrill buzzsaws of intensity. Bass and drums frantically lead the way in a labyrinthine maze of technicality. And the vocals are rancorous and dripping in emotional energy.

The band also features a lineup of musicians of various ethnic backgrounds including Arab and Indian. Along with this, lead vocalist Djamilla Azzouz is a woman – something that is becoming less rare in the hardcore scene – and bassist Red Sismey is non-binary. Championing diverse genders, sexualities, and ethnicities in the extreme music scene is something that is becoming more important at this difficult point in time – when the rage of straight white conservative men is in the process of burning out.

Ithaca are not just a group of amazing musicians, they are a band full of diversity and inclusion. It’s not angry white music for white guys, it is angry music for everyone. The band is truly spectacular and their music will be an important gateway for a lot of people. Eternal support.

Ithaca play Astral Noize Event’s Flamingo Snuff #2 in Brighton this Saturday. FREE ENTRY.

Words: Richard Weeks (Blackened Death Records)

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